Urinals of the World

4,553 Unique urinal NFTs, gathered from around the world.
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4,553 Unique Urinal NFTs

Recognized as the single largest compilation of urinal photographs ever… The Urinals Project is officially minting on April 1, 2022 at .033 eth.

Nature's Call by Clark Sorensen, San Francisco, CA

Urinals from 120+ Countries

The Urinals Project features 4,453 unique urinals from over 120 countries, in all different styles and materials.

It is ready to be collected by the discerning NFT photography collector or perhaps you already own a digital beer can (Budverse.io) and need a urinal/restroom in your wallet just in case.


Way back before Web 3.0 and 2.0, there was actually a Web 1.0. You are looking at a project that was born in 2000 during web 1.0 when a small group of anonymous geniuses came together with the idea of creating the largest compilation of urinal photographs in the world. Yes you read that right. A group of geniuses gathered and then decided to compile more photographs of urinals than had ever been compiled in the history of mankind. Ok maybe not geniuses.

Stadsbrouwerij Gruut, Ghent, Belgium

Biergarten Restaurant and Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

Fast forward over 20 years and well their ambitious vision has come to fruition. The Urinals Project became the largest shared photography project of its time. Good urinators from over 120 countries stood behind the vision, risked some public embarrassment while taking awkward photos in restrooms around the world, and then submitted these said works of art from over 120 countries. This all started years before Facebook and Instagram and Flickr. The official Urinals Project had over 4400 urinals submitted from over 10 years of operating the project. Imagine taking a photograph of a urinal every day for 10 years straight to build the biggest urinal compilation and doing this in over 120 countries. These are the blood, sweat, tears (and urine) that have gone into capturing all of these images. The anon founders could not let all of this sneaky bathroom work be for nothing. So they decided to commemorate the most epic urinal photography collection by launching the most epic urinal NFT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?
Yes. This is for real.

Is there a limit to how many urinals I can mint?
No. However you can only mint 50 urinals at a time.

When people talk about 2022 being the year of the photograph NFT, do you think they really could be talking about the Urinals Project?
We are a photograph NFT. And the year is 2022. So yes they are talking about us.

When will I see my Urinal?
Your NFT will reveal as soon as you mint it.

What kind of traits are there?
There are 11 urinal styles, from over 120 different countries, 17 different materials, and 18 different colors.

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, South Pole, Antarctica

Minting April 1, 2022

Urinals of the World

4,553 Unique urinal NFTs, gathered from around the world.